All-In-One Lockout Kits

All-in-one lockout kits give you everything you need for electrical and valve lockout situations.

Starting at $499.00 Each
  • Small or Large Multi-person all-in-one lockout kit includes: (6 ea) steel lockouts, (20 ea) plastic duro-tags, (6 ea) universal breaker lockouts, (2 ea) universal plug lockouts, (2 ea) ball valve lockouts for 3/8" to 1-1/4" valves, (2 ea) ball valve lockouts for 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" valves, (4 ea for individually-keyed, 2 ea for master-keyed) adjustable gate valve lockouts for 1" to 6-1/2" valves, (10 ea) vinyl lockout decals, (1 ea) 26" lockout carrying box.
  • Choose master-keyed or individually-keyed. Master-keyed includes: (10 ea) master-keyed message padlocks and (1 ea) master key. Individually-keyed includes: (10 ea) individually-keyed padlocks.
  • Choose a standard lock or with a message.
Product Includes Size Price Quantity
sku: LOK99 Individually-Keyed Message Lock Small
$499.00 Each
sku: LOK232 Master-Keyed Message Lock Large
$1,055.00 Each
sku: LOK79 Master-Keyed Standard Small
$525.00 Each


  • Device Types in Kit: Electrical Risk Lockouts, Mechanical Risk Lockouts
  • Item Type: Lockout Kit
  • Language: English
  • Storage Container Color: Black/Red
  • Storage Container Type: Box