Lock Out Signs - Do Not Enter Until Lockout Are Complete

Style No. LOTO228

Restricts access to locked out rooms during lock out tag out.

Starting at $12.95
Starting at: $12.95
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  • Effectively communicate warning, hazard and safety messages to workers during lockout situations.
  • Features OSHA Danger header to add emphasis on the message.
  • Designed with bold letters that are easy to read.
  • Add Duroshield Topcoat on your OSHA Danger signs to boost its life and protect from harsh weather conditions, fading, smearing, chemicals and abrasions.
  • Choose from a selection of sign materials: Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Magnetic, Self-Adhesive Vinyl and Foam Adhesive.
  • Available in 10"h x 14"w, 14"h x 20"w and 7"h x 10"w.
  • Non-adhesive danger signs are pre-drilled with mounting holes for attachment.
  • Sign reads "Danger Do Not Enter Until Lockout Procedures Are Complete".


The distance from which a sign can effectively be viewed is an important factor in choosing its size:

10"W x 7"H
14"W x 10"H
20"W x 14"H
Pedestrian Viewing Distance
Sign Size Distance
10"W x 7"H 10 ft.
14"W x 10"H 15 ft.
20"W x 14"H 20 ft.
Moving Vehicle Viewing Distance
Sign Size Distance
10"W x 7"H 10 ft.
14"W x 10"H 15 ft.
20"W x 14"H 20 ft.

Note: Distances are approximate based on optimal viewing. Other factors can improve or diminish optimal conditions, such as lighting, smoke, mist, smog, and if the viewer is stationary or in a moving vehicle.

Not all options available for all signs

Self-Adhesive Vinyl

Economical choice bonds to any smooth surface and is flexible for curved objects

Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor

High-Performance Plastic

Lightweight material will not chip, flake or peel in harsh conditions

Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor


Durable material is lighter than steel and will never rust

Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor


Easy to apply and remove on steel doors, drums, tanks cabinets, and machines

Ideal for Indoor/Outdoor

Foam Adhesive

Thick adhesive is the best choice for textured or irregular surfaces

Ideal for Indoor

Glo-Mor Luminous

Stores light and glows up to 6 hours without electricity

Ideal for Indoor

Get tough on damage with DuroShield overlaminate protection.

Extend the life and performance of your safety sign – stock or custom – and never pay to replace a sign again! For a minimal cost, add Duroshield overlaminate for a minimal cost to your next order of signs, and you’ll never have to pay extra money to replace your damaged sign every few years. We offer a lifetime guarantee on Duroshield because we’re confident that the overlaminate works.

Protect your sign from the environment, and stop worrying about worn out or damaged signs again.

DuroShield Lifetime Guarantee

DuroShield protects against:


Shield your sign from the elements - UV protection keeps your sign clean and visible for your employees.

DuroShield Faded Sign Example


Prevent signage peeling or abrasion. Clear, protective layer ensures that common chemicals will not damage your sign.

DuroShield Chemicals & Damage Sign Example


Stop wasting labor and time replacing signs. Wipe your sign clean with ease.

DuroShield Graffiti, Dirt, Oil & Grime Sign Example

No matter what abuse your sign takes...

DuroShield sign being cleaned

It will look like new with DuroShield.

Clean DuroShield sign
Mounting & Placement Recommendations
  • Install in a well-lit, easily accessible and visible location.
  • If lighting is poor, signs should incorporate artificial lighting, reflective, or photoluminescent (glow) material.
  • Install in the line of sight and not obscured by doors, racks or other objects.
  • Safety and fire equipment signs must be clearly visible, not distracting, and not a hazard in itself.
  • Do not place on moveable objects or adjacent to moveable objects like doors, windows etc., which if moved, will obscure the sign.
  • Faded, degraded, or damaged signs should be replaced immediately.