Replacement Cables for Master Lock® Retractable Cable Lockout

Change worn lockout cables with Master lock cable.

Starting at $11.40 Each
  • Cable replacement is made from either nylon with yellow plastic coating or steel with red plastic coating - both highly durable materials.
  • Flexible Master lock security cable is 9ft long.
  • Steel lockout cable is designed for valves and other lockout applications in general, while nylon lockout cable is ideal for electrical applications.
  • Replacement cable kits are designed to fit Master Lock Retractable Cable Lockout Device.
Product Material Price Quantity
sku: MLRCL02NYN Nylon
$11.40 Each
sku: MLRCL02STL Steel
$11.40 Each


  • Cable Finish/Coating: Plastic
  • Risk Type: Electrical Risk
  • Manufacturer Name: Master Lock
  • Dimensions: 1/8" Dia x 9' L
  • Trade Name: Master Lock